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February 2020

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Mike “Frosty” for well over a decade now through the service industry. We have worked together on numerous events and occasions so I was a bit sad when he decided to exit out of the business and on to his next venture, real estate. 

Over the past year we keep up with each other via social media with an occasional run-in downtown here and there. 

A few months ago and during a shift in my career, my wife suggests “Let’s go buy a new house and rent this one out.” A Saturday morning phone call later to Mike and we are in the market! After sitting down with us and listening to our needs, two story, 2 1/2 bathroom with that must have soaking tub, great school district in a nice, safe neighborhood and Mike is shooting over houses to view. Days later we are off to our first few showings. One home stands out amongst the rest as “the perfect one” to Roxy, Frosty & the kids and after a few more viewings “Mr. Picky, Cautious, Skeptical” (me) is on board. We submit the offer and everything looks good to close before Spring Break, SXSW, anniversary, etc. a few days later… the dream home is in a flood zone


All the while Mike and his lending buddy Dan “tha Man” Peterson are working up our plan to re-fi our rental home while back on the hunt for something equal or better to what we had our hopes set on for the new house. Frosty still manages to keep finding options while homes are being snatched up in this crazy buyers market that is Austin (you know our new motto “Welcome to Austin, Don’t move here!”). Mama is liking em’, kids are getting anxious, but Mr. Picky isn’t sold yet.. 

Just when we think all hope is lost and start weeding through the homes we liked not loved (cause hey we have a budget!) I get an email from Mike followed by an immediate phone call saying “I found these two homes in a new neighborhood meeting all the specs you guys are looking for at an amazing deal.” We hit the road and check it out. A few months later with some hoops and hurdles (that can be expected when making the largest investment of your life) and I’m writing this review in our brand new home with our starter home already occupied by our new tenants! 

Our first home buying experience was exciting but nothing compares to the full experience we had with Frosty and his team. They helped us understand exactly what we were doing through each process and Mike’s communication kept me at ease during the entire ordeal. We even capped off the celebration at his company’s annual SXSW event days before closing! 

Mike, you have improved the quality of life for our family and future with your generous and relentless help and understanding of your profession. I think this is the 8th time I’ve told you.. I can’t thank you enough bud! 

I hope every client, family member, and friend of yours know the countless hours you spend on the phone, internet, in the office, driving through traffic, lack of sleep, grooming that amazing hair, and in the gym to fit in those amazing outfits you put together, is all for the love of making others happy! Like you once told me “Not all superheros wear capes.” Well if you did I’m sure it would have a patriots logo on it somewhere. 

From myself, Roxanne, Jaydon, Iris, Zinnia, and Ezekiel,
We love you and thank you!!” 

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