Congratulations on starting your home search! You have access to all active properties currently on the Austin MLS through our search portal that is linked directly to the Austin MLS. If you would like a complimentary Home Buying Guide, please fill out the contact form below.

Steps to Buying a Home:

1. Hire an Market Expert

Once you have made the decision to buy a house, you need to find a full time agent that is a market expert who will put your best interests first. A good agent will:
  • Educate you on the Real Estate Market
  • Explain the Home Buying Process
  • Find relevant properties to view
  • Negotiate the best terms possible
  • Ensure this is a seamless transaction
  • Become your one stop shop for Real Estate related needs

2. Get Pre Approved

The next step when buying a home is to secure your financing, unless you plan to purchase with cash. We work with top local mortgage companies that can educate you on different loan programs available and the loan process. We can connect you to top mortgage professionals in Austin.

3. Search For Homes

You will have access to all active properties on the Austin MLS that will match your criteria. We also excel at finding off market and pre-MLS properties for our clients. The majority of our clients purchase homes that never make it to the MLS due to our marketing efforts and large local network.

4. Make an Offer

Once we find the right property for you, we will perform a thorough market analysis to find out the true market value of the property to ensure you are making the best possible investment. Since this is the largest financial investment for most people, we want to give you the information needed to make an educated purchase.

We will explain the contract and related documents promulgated by the Texas Real Estate Commission so you have a firm understanding of what you are signing. Once we make the offer, the seller can either: accept, reject, or counter offer.

5. Contract to Close

After the seller accepts our offer, the fun begins! We will perform our due diligence on the property by ordering a home inspection. If there are items that need to be looked at more closely, we have trusted contractors that we can send to the house for a more in depth inspection on that item.

Once Repairs are negotiated with the sellers, we will order the appraisal from the lender. We will also receive the title commitment from the title company to ensure the property has a clear chain of title and no existing liens.

We will handle a lot of the busy work behind the scenes to take as much off of your plate as possible. Moving is stressful enough, so let us do the heavy lifting with the purchase!

We will send you frequent updates about the progress of the transaction and what steps are next. You will also receive reminders to set up your utilities, re key service, and other important actions that may not be top of mind, but that is why we are here!

6. Closing Time!

On closing day, we will meet at the title company to sign our closing package. A buyer’s closing will take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour depending on the size of the closing package. In Texas, we can fund the loan and take possession the same day. This normally happens a few hours once both parties have signed their documents.

Once we have received the final notification from the title company that our loan has funded…the house is yours! At this point, its time to plan the house warming party!

7. Moving Day

We have relationships with local moving companies that give our clients first class service and discounts on their move.